Bars on the island of Phangan

Koh Phangan is a place of fun and carefree, there is no doubt about it. The island is famous for its crazy and memorable parties, there is a pretty good bar culture with all kinds of bars and pubs! Drinking alcohol in Thailand is a carefree activity filled with laughter, friendliness and, of course, delicious food. On Koh Phangan Island, you can not only have fun in bars, but also try different Thai drinks, as well as special ways to drink them

Drinking with Thais in local bars

Thais are friendly people who share everything. On their tables you can see a huge variety of drinks, both alcoholic and soft, as well as an uncountable variety of delicacies that they will want to share with you!

Sharing is a Thai custom, so it is recommended that you participate in this way and add something to the exchange. Here, being stingy, loud and impolite, you will not be able to make friends, you will only get unfriendly looks. So be calm and friendly.

Do not think that Thais visit only Thai bars and clubs, they often visit Western-type bars and enjoy spending time in wine bars.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Areas for bars

Bars and clubs are scattered all over the island, but Thong Sala and Baan Tai are places of a large cluster of bars and clubs, it is not surprising, because this is the center of the island. Even in Sri Tanu, which is the center of spirituality and yoga, you can find several interesting establishments

If you come to stay in a certain place, and do not know how to get to the nearest pub, ask any local resident, he will be happy to show you the way, and maybe even want to join!
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Sabaii Bay

One of the most visited by tourists and locals is a high-quality bar. The establishment is located on Bantai Beach on the south side of the island. The interior of the establishment is a mixture of modern and beach style. People are attracted by a wide variety of delicious drinks and cocktails, as well as a large swimming pool where you can enjoy during a party
Правила движения на тайских дорогах


If you want to have a nice time with a cocktail while enjoying the sunset, then this is the place for you. The blue frame is located on the top of a hill with a beautiful fabulous view of the Gulf of Thailand. The bar is popular for its drinks, as well as amazing dishes, and the large swimming pool is a pleasant bonus for visitors
Правила движения на тайских дорогах


Soho is the heart of Tong Sala and it is a great place to admire the beautiful views. It serves a wide selection of drinks, including imported beer, local beer and ale.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

The Ugly Duckling

A real Irish pub on the popular Thai Media Krung Street in Tongsala. Here you can enjoy a variety of whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, as well as a syndrome in a pleasant atmosphere with Irish songs and live music
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Drop-In Bar

The iconic Drop In bar is popular for its full moon parties and insanely cheerful atmosphere on Haad Rin Beach. A friendly place where you will not only be treated to delicious drinks and great food, but also take care that you have fun and comfortable.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

BM Bar

The busiest lounge bar on Koh Phangan, perfect for anyone. Leave some of the best moments of your life, drink drinks, meet amazing new friends, and all this while listening to talented live DJs and musicians. There are 2 professional billiard tables here, so you can take your mind off the party by playing billiards with friends!
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

The Whiski Bar

The dedicated WHISKY Bar of Koh Phangan, providing sampling and a variety of more than 20 varieties. Darts, Arcade Sports, Atari Pong, Tables at the American Pool. Screen Live Sports 70, Bar Grub and Thai Cuisine. Situated on Soi Krungthai in Thong Sala.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Freeway Bar

A popular place for drinks at sunset, located in Hin Kong. It is interesting that the interior here is in bamboo Thai style. A wonderful atmosphere on the beach with pleasant music and delicious drinks.

The Hub Sports Café

One of the first places you will see when you get off the boat upon arrival. A sports bar showing games on screens with a billiard table and good food, with a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable tables.

Two Rocks

Authentic Thai beach bar Two Rocks, most of which are dying out, remains one of such charming places on Baan Thai Beach. Wooden bar with hammocks and deck chairs and view on the ocean.

Reds Diner and Bar

You will find them near the Tong Sala pedestrian street. They open with weekly offers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks from the bar with a twist and classic homemade dishes.


A unique bar on the main road to Tong Sala. It is unusual in that it is decorated in a prison theme, but everything is unusually warm and hospitable. Great drinks, pool table and live music evenings.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Two Girls Bar and Restaurant

An unforgettable view of the sea with a billiard table, a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of drinks, wines and dishes for every taste.

The Flag and Four Toes

Popular with ex-pats who like a pint or five, a nice place to meet locals. Close to the pier, cheap drinks and free pool table.

The Last Waterhole

The most brutal bar, which was opened in 2002 and is known as a biker bar, but with very friendly owners and a lot of regulars. This is a place of rock and blues, as well as the coldest beer on the island.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Bonkers Bar

Nice bar on the way to Thong Sala often with theme music nights. Nice atmosphere with locals and great drinks.

Coral Bar

Located in Haad Yao with the famous pig named Doddick. The bar is located right on the sand under the open sky. Famous for the best mojitos on the island, a wide selection of cocktails, juices, cold beer.

Swenglish Bar

Located on Hong Kong Road, a friendly bar that is suitable for people of all ages. Pleasant atmosphere, cheap drinks and delicious food.

Twisted Village

A popular bar in Chaloklum with a varied inexpensive menu, pleasant music and a billiard table.
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