Car Rental in  Pangan

А ou can rent a car in Pangan from Thais or Russians. The Thais often have lower rental charges. But some local renters will tell you there are some scratches and minor damages when you return the car and ask you for a fine for the repair at a very high price.

Russian (and European) rentals charge a little more than the Thai ones. But they do not make money on damages. They are ready to forgive minor scratches, and repair damage at service#prices.

Many of Pangan's roads are quite narrow, and parking is difficult. Sometimes even when leaving the beach there s traffic jams due to motorists. If you decide to rent a car (jeep, pickup truck) in Pangan -read about the peculiarities of rental.

Car Rental Features

Very often Thais do not insure cars, so in case of any accident you ll pay. Also to rent a car you need an international license. If you do not have a driver's license, you are automatically at fault.

If you  plan to go to the mainland, and especially to another country - this point should be separately discussed with the rentalom. Few people allow you to leave the island.
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Rent a car in Phangan

Car Washes

PTT gas station
PTT has a car wash at the big PTT gas station. Costs need to be clarified.
SHELL gas station
At the new SHELL gas station. 350 baht for pickup, 120 baht for bike.
Car Wash in Tongsala
Nameless Thai car wash.
They wash your bike for 100 baht..

Car Service

Car repair in Pangan is not good. If something serious -it's better to go to Samui or the mainland.
Dunlop Car Service
Opposite Sunisa Kitchenware
Workshop near Tongsala
Jaiyon Garage Services
A workshop in Chaloclama, there is a painting booth