Memo on living in Koh Phangan for the elderly.

Many retirees dream of new emotions and experiences, the most suitable place for them is Thailand. Life full of pleasures, where there are no worries and problems, a moderate environment, all this will perfectly replace a sedentary and boring time, because the places of the tropics are a places of peace and relaxation. In the land of happiness, you will always be welcomed by the locals, comfortable weather throughout the year, as well as a lot of historical advantages combined with all the benefits of modernity.

However, before deciding to do so, it is important to think carefully, paying attention not only to such mundane issues as form and place of further residence. Do seniors spend their retirement in Thailand? What is the level of danger? Is there quality medical care? Is it possible to have fun and enjoy your free time with other retirees?
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
If you made the decision to visit Koh Phangan when you retired, you will forever remain young at heart because this place is perfect for spending those delightful years of your life. Just as you dreamed of it when you were young, such a life now seems like a desirable fantasy. The relaxed lifestyle and laid-back atmosphere are the most important thing about living in Thailand. You can make this place even better, you can always come and start enjoying your new life, swimming in the beautiful water, relaxing in the sun, new buddies in the form of residents who live on the island, and walks on the sandy shore.

We offer you a memo that is sure to help you when planning your new life in Koh Phangan.

Medical Services

All seniors are concerned about their health, so medical care is one of the most important factors when choosing a place to stay, in this respect the island is simply obliged to offer the best medical services. The island has evolved over the years, so there are currently four main hospitals on Koh Phangan, of which one is government-owned, and all others are privately owned. There are also many doctor's offices and pharmacies at your service. To use them, you must have insurance, which will cover your expenses in case you need treatment and examinations. All hospitals have English-speaking staff, but in some hospitals, you can find Western staff who are always ready to help with translation and registration of insurance.

A special feature of Thailand is that all medical services are available to all, if you need treatment that cannot be done in Koh Pangan, you can immediately go to other hospitals.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

The Price of Living

Many seniors dream of living in Thailand because everyone gets the opportunity to live well and happily without spending a lot of their money. According to official data, living in the United States is 30-40% more expensive than in Thailand.

The average cost of living in the U.S. is 35% higher than in Thailand, and rents in Thailand are officially 56% lower.

In order to live decently in Thailand, you need to have $1,500 per month, but it's best to count on $2,000. This way you can provide a comfortable life. Of course, you will be enough with 1000 dollars to survive in Thailand, but you will have to deny yourself several pleasures.

Provided that you are willing to spend $ 5,000 a month, you can be sure of a decent, full of various comforts, standard of living.


The most important thing for you is a visa so that you can legally reside in Thailand. You must apply for a special visa for seniors, also called a non-immigrant visa, to get permission to stay in the country for an extended period of time.

This type of visa is quite easy to obtain. However, much depends on how you decide to handle your own pension, which can greatly affect the speed of processing.

If you are over 50 years old and have passed your criminal record check, you are one step closer to getting your cherished visa. You need to have a valid visa that lasts more than one year. In addition, you will probably have to adhere to certain financial standards accepted in Thailand. There are a certain number of options that can help you cope with such requirements:

Have a Thai bank account ($24,500 on average) totaling 800,000 baht or more.

Have a regular salary or pension payment of 65,000 baht (average of $200,000).

You need to combine the previous methods if your total funds increase to 800,000 baht ($24,500)

If you prefer to choose the first option from the list above, it is important to know that you should always have money in a secret account for the first two months before applying for a visa. The availability of the deposit can be confirmed by a letter from the bank.

Subsequent actions

Under certain conditions, you will need to obtain additional visas or permits. You need to visit the immigration office every 90 days, as your retirement visa is only valid for one year. Your visa will be revoked if you do not visit the office. In addition, your visa does not give you the right to officially work in the country, because you will have to obtain a work visa to do so. And your visa will also become invalid if you use your retirement visa only to work or volunteer.

In addition, you are not allowed to leave or re-enter Thailand on your retirement visa. Most likely, you will have to apply for another visa during your first year on the island. It is quite easy to get a permit. In addition to the application form, you will need a personal photo and various scans of your passport.

You will most likely need to apply for a visa extension before your current visa expires. With other conditions and clarifications, this application is like the original application. You must confirm the address, photos of all passport pages and bank balance changes.


In Koh Phangan you can find quite a few different accommodation options such as budget bungalows or luxury villas. Quite a few people decide to build their own houses or buy them. This is much cheaper than in the western areas but gives you the added opportunity to have a great home for your family, where you can always stay and have a good time. Also, you make Phangan your home, which is sure to impress other people.

When it comes to regions, Thong Nei Mistri as well as Province is a common place for aging people as well as families. This place is entirely for car traffic as well as oral travelers from the other side of the island. Other areas, such as Chaloklum, Lakshmi Thanu, as well as the main part of Thong Sala and Madhuvan, are equally excellent in their services.

We assume that for the purpose of your own building you will want something more than a bungalow hut. Many concrete buildings with one or two living rooms and modern amenities are available. Luxury villas are currently available for both rent and sale. When renting, you should sign a long-term contract with the owner to understand that you can stay long term.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Society of Foreigners

Society from around the world makes Koh Phangan its permanent home: from young people who want a stable foothold for their own future, to investing in companies or starting their own, to aging men and women who want to spend their time in the best environment along with the most comfortable living conditions.

It's easy to make friends here, thanks to the fact that all the community is without exception pleasant as well as empathetic, participating in such activities as well as learning yoga or including dinners in restaurants, you'll get a good look at the area's population. Koh Phangan is a very considerate island, with former residents of other countries and Thais caring and looking out for each other.


Thunderous, with its own spiritual component as well as yoga schools, the island is considered the perfect place for it to relax, as there are plenty of classes. There are water sports such as kiting, for adrenaline seekers, as well as the most harmonious workouts such as billiards and tournaments, pools and ping pong.

There are charities that are constantly in need of support if you want to give them your period and make a donation. You will never be sad if you want to relax on the beach, have tea in an aristocratic setting or fully immerse yourself in the service.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Food and Drinks

The cost of food in Koh Phangan ranges from 30-40 units for Thai soup or regional food at a street stall to 500 units or even more at an elegant restaurant for fine dining. The best place for inexpensive food in Koh Phangan is Thong Sala, the island's main town, where many food carts are located particularly on Strange Street. In Thong Sala you will notice the usual grocery exchange where you can try a huge variety of dishes in general for Forty units, and along the way you meet the outlets along with chicken and rice.

Koh Phangan restaurants and eateries offer food in every style, and you can also enjoy dinner on the beach along with the cool breeze, sand between your toes and the glow of the starry sky overhead, whether regional, Italian, Mexican or other, including halal cuisine.

The Thais' love of food is irresistible, and combined with cheerful hospitality, dining at Koh Phangan is a true apogee of the retiree's skills. But keep in mind that if you're picky about good service, this is Thailand, not London. To set up food production, the island has a number of bazaars of fresh fruits and vegetables where you can buy food, supermarkets along with some international goods, cleaning products and so on.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах


It is well known that staying in a hot environment can alleviate the discomfort of known ailments such as malaise, and the comfort of Thai manners will be accepted by anyone, young or old, not surrounded by a bustling metropolis or the hurried lifestyle of Western society. Koh Phangan's role as entertainment for retirees is hard to beat. In addition, you can visit as well as wander in another part of Thailand, a delightful state.

Retirement in this Southeast Asian nation is a great way to encourage yourself after a long and productive promotion, to relax, have fun and constantly enjoy the positive atmosphere. And with a unified medical service that ensures your safety and excellent state of mind, you will have nothing to think about if you go on a trip, appreciate everything without exception that this state can provide.