Essentials for Koh Phangan! What to Bring for the Short and Long Term

There are countless online articles on topics such as "What to Pack for a Vacation," "Suitcase Checklist," and "Essentials for Traveling," but what are the essentials for a trip to Koh Phangan?

We talked about it in the office and asked around, and we came up with a list of things you should bring for both a short vacation to the island and a more extended stay.

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Let's start with the obvious and less serious ones:


The most frequently made suggestion was this. No one wants to see a lot of grumpy buggers moping around, but it's necessary nonetheless! Pretty positive and maybe a little too obvious! Please spread those big, proud smiles!


If you intend to drive a scooter around the island (with a valid license, which we will discuss later), wearing a helmet is definitely a good idea. However, these are readily available on Koh Phangan itself. However, keep in mind the quality; if you want to be absolutely safe, bring one of high quality.

Swimwear and bikinis

It was suggested that you bring "a lot" of these things, and it's true that if you're here for a vacation, you'll need them for beach days, pool lounging, snorkeling, and other activities. However, you can also purchase this on the island as well.

Attach your lighter to the device you're using

In fact, this is a very good idea. The so-called "lighter thieves" can be found all over the world; in fact, who knows? It is not a sin for any of us to subconsciously pick up the wrong lighter; however, if you want to keep yours on you, a device that allows you to attach it to yourself is a good idea! Some gadgets and key rings are actually available online, in stores in Thailand and here on Phangan. What a great idea! However, Oliver's concept of the lighter in the image above is not strongly recommended.


It's not something you'd normally bring to paradise island, but it's absolutely necessary! Since Thailand and Koh Phangan both have rainy seasons and rain throughout the year, it's a good idea to pack a good waterproof jacket. You can buy plastic sheet overcoats here, but they don't last very long, so bring something lighter with you.


Again, not what you'd expect, but it does get cold at night, especially during the rainy season, as we all know. So that you don't catch a cold on those late-night drives, bring a warm sweater.


If you want to survive, you will definitely need money. It was suggested that you bring both money and friends, but the same person later decided that you could make friends here by simply bringing more money.


In fact, this is a very significant one. You are in a different culture and country. Respect your fellow travelers as well as the locals.

Driving permit

Bring your driver's license if you want to drive a scooter or any other vehicle. It is extremely risky to attempt to ride anything without prior experience.

Please exercise caution; don't be one of the twats riding a bike that's way too big for him and driving around like a madman; you won't look cool, you'll just look dumb. I'm grateful.


Although there are a lot of flip-flops on Koh Phangan, decent shoes are hard to come by. Bring your own if you want something a little bit more stable on your feet. Additionally, we advise against driving scooters barefoot—that's not cool.


Vinyl is making a comeback on Koh Phangan, our little island paradise! Therefore, if you are a vinyl DJ, you will be well-liked, particularly by The Local and One Love Bar, which both regularly host vinyl nights. Vinyl is hard to come by, so if someone has a good collection, it really is a treasure. Even though this might be a little heavy, you need to decide if you'll need clothes or music.

Common sense

Please keep this in mind!

A curious mind

On this magical island, you will meet a wide range of people, so prepare to have your mind expanded even more. However, for you to truly enjoy your time here, you will need to be open-minded, and if you do, you will benefit more for yourself. Tantra won't hurt you, so don't be afraid. Actually, the nice guy who runs the bar around the corner is the one at the party who is sweating profusely, smiling, and dancing like a troubled monkey.

The Flip Flops

These have been suggested numerous times, but in all honesty, you can find them on almost every street corner in this city; however, if you want high-quality products, bring your own.

If you want to stay for a longer period of time or live here permanently, here are some suggestions

The right visa

This is also important for a brief stay. Particularly for extended stays. We've all heard of the new six-month visa, but there seems to be some confusion about it; however, if you can, get it. Obtain the longest possible visa. You will also need to learn about obtaining a work permit if you intend to work here, start a business, etc. Get help from a lawyer.

Some sort of strategy

If you want to stay for a long time, Koh Phangan is a wonderful location with a lot to offer. But think about what you want to do here; if you don't, you might just party for six months and come out of here exhausted and depleted. A lot of people come to one of the many yoga schools to learn, get a certification, or just focus on the things they don't have enough time for at home. But come up with a plan.


A must-have for those nights when you want to unwind and watch a movie. Also useful for writing or work. Nowadays, there is good wifi in most places on Koh Phangan, and most people can't live without their laptops!


Bring your own equipment if it's necessary once you've decided what you want to do here. Photographers should bring their cameras, filmmakers should bring their equipment, and artists should bring paint, brushes, easels, and other items of high quality because you won't find them on Koh Phangan. The majority of equipment can be purchased from Bangkok, but you shouldn't go there every week!


Bring a lot of clothes if your style is different from the typical Phangan hippy beach attire. Emma Phanganist is now very sad because she gave away most of her wardrobe when she was in the UK because she thought she wouldn't need or want to wear it. In addition, you can always modify or swap things with other people.

Bags of tea

Tea is adored by all people, not just British people! Well, maybe not all of them. If you miss your favorite brand bring plenty of it with you. Additionally, your tea-loving friends will be overjoyed and even more in love with you as a result.

Finally, but not least....


This is primarily for girls, but it may also be relevant to boys.

Here, good underwear is extremely difficult to come by!

Keep in mind that this also applies to cosmetics and makeup.