The ULTIMATE Guide to Flip Flopping!

A flip-flop wearer's guide that works for everyone!

Do you want to be part of the flip-flop wearing community and immerse yourself in the traditions and customs of island life, hmm? Then we can definitely help you with that!

A large number of people prefer to wear flip-flops, as the main shoes, because this way they get a sufficient number of advantages:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of getting on and off
  • Low price
  • Freshness
And such and such and such..
But there are things you shouldn't forget, especially while living on an island. On an island full of partying, where people are constantly partying and having fun, they will have to constantly take off their flip-flops to party properly, and after unforgettable parties, flip-flops are lost forever.

Believe me, this is normal, there is nothing to be afraid of!
It usually happens that a lot of people have the same flip-flops, so they accidentally get mixed up and take someone else's. You are unlikely to get them back, so you also have to take someone else's, and then an endless chain is started... In this regard, you should always remember that it is better to wear cheap flip-flops when you know that you are likely to lose them at another party. You shouldn't get expensive flip-flops, because you will regret it if you lose them.

We're going to share with you the secret to keeping your flip-flops with you at any full moon hangout. Try pulling one of the many straps around your ankle, as shown in the photo;

Naturally, flip-flops were invented a long time ago, we can see that by looking at the rock art of ancient Egypt, so it's no wonder they are worn all over the world! Honestly, we have a huge advantage, because there are countries where it's constantly cold and people only dream of finally wearing their flip-flops when the first warm weather arrives, whereas we can wear them whenever we want.

If you've never worn flip-flops before, you have no reason to worry! We have a great desire to assist you in doing so! Our opinion is split in two as to whether or not you should wear flip-flops, but those who love to wear this type of shoe have accumulated quite a bit of experience and knowledge that will be helpful to you.

"Staying on the island, the most comfortable shoes are flip-flops, because few people prefer to walk around the house in other shoes, for this reason you just need to have something that can be easily removed and put on, so can we still try it! And, also your feet will feel comfortable, because they will not suffer in cramped and sweaty shoes.
To start you need to get used to doing the following, - to leave the flip-flops on your foot, having in your arsenal only one small rubber band, which is located between your toes. It may seem easy to some, but if you fail, you should wear them for a certain period of time to finally get used to them and find the most suitable way to wear them.

Also, flip-flops may occasionally fall off your foot while you're out shopping or walking on the beach, but this is nothing to worry about, because you can simply go back the other way and find your missing flip-flop without being noticed by others.
After a while you will get used to flip-flops, and it will become an integral part of your life, because you will no longer focus on quickly putting on and taking them off when necessary, knowing that in many businesses, temples and homes it is customary to take off your shoes.
It is important to know that you should not choose flip-flops for a long walk or an exciting hike, as in such cases the best option would be other shoes.

In case you have decided to give up flip-flops, we support your decision, because it is a respectable one, as many people cannot move around in flip-flops at all.

We wish you all the best and good luck with flip-flops, because your comfort always comes first.