What You Can Do on Koh Phangan (by Budget)

Budget is a key factor for many people on Koh Phangan. You may be a backpacker and need to save money to go elsewhere, or you may be a family and want to spend a little more for a great experience.
Here we've divided them into three sections, and we'll let you choose which one you prefer.

Low Budget

Things you can do on a low budget: walk to the beach, swim in the ocean, visit local attractions and nature, do yoga on the beach, walk the market, play games with friends, share skills with others, volunteer at PACS.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
We'll show you just a few things that you can do for free, but still there are many more. You don't have to miss out just because you're on a low budget and the beauty of Koh Phangan is stunning on its own right, so if you don't mind a little walking and physical activity, you can hike to a viewpoint or place yourself in a natural waterfall.

You can enjoy social activities on a low budget. You can buy a beer at a store cheaper than a bar and spend the day on the beach with friends.

You can visit temples within walking distance of the main hostels in Baan Thai and Thongsala, or rent a scooter and take a short drive to visit temples for free, where you can learn about Thailand's deeply rooted Buddhist culture.

Here you can learn about Buddhist culture, which is deeply rooted in Thailand. You can also enjoy everyone's favorite sunset for free. The show of sky, sun, and clouds will be an unforgettable experience. You can also meet people with different talents and skills and share or exchange them instead of paying for them. Many people can do yoga, massage, arts and crafts, and more, so look for skills you can trade for what you want to learn.

Medium Budget

Water sports, Muay Thai boxing, diving, paragliding, yoga, etc.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
With a little more budget, you can start thinking about the activities you would like to participate in the course.

These courses will cost a little more, but are still more affordable than in Western countries, such as diving. Here in Thailand, one of the cheapest places to learn dive, you can further hone this skill on your trip.

If you like the ocean, there are a variety of sports available, including kite surfing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding, all with qualified and experienced instructors and schools.

Koh Phangan is also famous for its yoga schools, where you can join a month-long intensive course or do drop-in style yoga at places like Agama in Sri Tanu.

Restaurants serving international cuisine, especially in Baan Thai and Thongsala, offer quality food at affordable prices; restaurants such as Fisherman's offer dinner with wine on Sunset Beach for about 1000 baht for two people.

High Budget

Private speedboat cruises, villa rentals, private chefs, and tailor-made tours.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
Koh Phangan has a lot to offer if you want a truly luxurious experience on this tropical paradise island. You can rent a private boat or speedboat with a captain for the day, cruise around the island, stop at secluded beaches, and have your meals and drinks tailor-made. With ideas and a high budget, everything is offered.

The fabulous private villas built in the last few years can cater to every need, and whether you want a private in-house chef to cook you a fabulous meal, one-on-one fitness training, yoga, a private car, or a luxury experience, you can do what you want! It's all possible.

With a higher budget, you can savor the luxury of whatever you desire. Please enjoy.
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