Motorbike rental & how to start driving

You can rent a motorbike either from Thai or from Russian rental companies. The rental cost is a little lower from a Thai service. However, they often earn money on scratches — when you return the bike you pay extra for any minor damages, which ends up being significantly more expensive than the starting price. Sometimes it comes to calling the police. Read in how to rent a bike about the benefits of working with an official company.

The average rental price for a Honda Click is 150−250 ฿ per day (2500−5000 baht per month, depending on the season), Honda PCX — 200−400 baht per day (4000−8000 baht per month). Normally you have to give your passport or a $ 100 deposit. If you are unsure which model to take, read how to choose a bike.

Motorbike rental agencies

Before renting, be sure to read the notes about how to rent a motorbike and the benefits of working with official companies. Also read where it is not recommended to rent a motorbike!
Phangan Wheels
Honest rental agency with bikes, trikes (three-wheeled bikes) and cars.

  • Large selection of fully serviced vehicles: even changing a blown bulb
  • Free transfer to the center of the island
  • We work officially: work permit, contract
  • We work honestly: we do not earn on damages. Just return "as it was" or repair what they say in the service. Or the client repairs it himself.
  • There is a lighting service (if a bike or a car battery has discharged) — 300 baht
  • Your choice for deposit — passport or money
  • Driving to the mainland by additional agreement
  • Free helmets (including children’s) and raincoats
Essentials Phangan
Official rental agency in Thong Sala.

  • Convenient location (agency is located opposite of Tesco Lotus)
  • Transfer from the pier to the office and back (for free)
  • There is a bike delivery on the island
  • Extensive motorbike park. Honda PCX (2013−2019), Honda Click 125/150 (2013−2019), Honda Scoopy-i (2013−2019), Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha TriCity (trike), Honda Phantom (mechanics)
  • All bikes are insured, MOT passed and registered in the Transport Department
  • Security deposit: cash deposit or passport
  • In case of accidents and breakdowns caused by the tenant — fair repair rules
  • Possibility to go to Koh Samui and the mainland
  • Pre-booking
Dasha PhanganRent
Bikes in Koh Phangan with the possibility to drive to Koh Samui.

  • Office is located two minutes from the pier. It is possible to rent a bike/car upon arrival on the last boat and hand it over at an early departure from the island on the earliest boat.
  • There is a bike delivery on the island
  • Deposit for the bike/car of your choice: passport or money.
  • Large selection of bikes: Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha NMax, XMax, Scoopy, Honda Click, Honda PCX, MSX, choppers, bicycles
  • Do not charge for scratches
  • Helmets included
  • Possible to pay by card
Bike 4 U
New bikes Yamaha Aerox and NMax.

  • Bike delivery to the pier
  • You can ride on Koh Phangan and Samui, also you can go to the mainland
  • Deposit — from $ 100 depending on the bike model
  • Repair price is based on Yamaha Service Price
Drive Phangan
Official rental agency in Bantai:

  • Bikes and cars delivery. The cost depends on location.
  • Loyal rental and damage prices.
  • Security deposit: passport or $ 200−300
  • High-quality and timely serviced vehicles. In case of malfunction we immediately fix the problems or replace the bike.
Garage Phangan
Russian agency with an official rental office. They offer scooters and motorcycles for rent. They have a great reputation and don’t earn on damages. 5 minutes walk from the pier.
Gipsy Riders
One of the oldest official rentals on the island. 5 years of good reputation. New scooters 2016−2019. The basis of the park is the popular models — Honda PCX 150, Honda Click 125, Yamaha Aerox 155.

  • Delivery to the pier and to Tong Sala is for free.
  • Flexible deposit system and no charge for scratches.
  • Loyalty to big damages. Fair repair price.
  • Driving training and instructions for beginners.
Bikes and cars rental in both islands (Phangan and Samui). Bike delivery to anywhere on the island. A large selection of bikes in combination with low prices and without passport deposit. Do not earn on scratches. One of the few who allow traveling to the mainland on rented vehicles.

Bike tow truck service. Help with relocation. We help to get out any car stuck in the jungle and pits.
Island Team
Russian rental agency, works officially.

  • Delivery and pick up of a bike everywhere in Koh Samui or Phangan
  • They have Scoopy, Click and even NMax. All popular models are available.
  • Full gas tank as a gift!
Mark MV
Officially registered Russian rental agency. More than 100 bikes available. Located in Srithanu. They have their own repair service.
Mojo Working
Only new bikes (no older than 1.5 years): Nmax, X Max, Forza, Aerox, Grand Filano Hybrid. All bikes on Pirelli and Michelin tires. Formal contract, new helmets, bike delivery on both islands, payment by card. Early booking of bikes is possible.
Phangan Bike Rent
Motorbike rental agency without passport deposit, not far from the pier. There is a possibility of delivery to almost everywhere on the island. Different models are available, including the Kawasaki Boss chopper, Italian scooter Honda SH 150. From 2500/month (low season), 3000/month (high season). Most bikes have Michelin tires. Polite and helpful.
Qu Phangan
Russian agency. They have their own repair service.
TN Phangan
Official motorbike rental agency. No passport deposit, no earning on scratches, attractive price.

  • Delivery to any place in the island
  • Helmets included
Twin Villas
Honda PCX bikes, various models, as well as tricycles. Excellent condition, regular maintenance and tire replacement. Bikes only to drive on the island, can’t travel to the mainland.

It is possible to meet the client in the port and transfer to Twin Villas to sign the contract.

Russian agency, works officially — contract, work permit.
A deposit of 10k baht ($ 300) or a passport. Rental price from 150 baht/day, 4000 baht/month.
Dmitry Santana
Honda PCX, Yamaha NMax, Honda Click, Scoopy. Security deposit — passport or money from 3,000 to 7,000 baht depending on the motorbike. Bike delivery around the island.

There is a Thai bike repair service, which I have been cooperating with for a long time, with local Thai (non-touristic) repair prices. Fair price and proper repair of damages. Therefore, in case of accidents it is better to come and agree on repair price. If something does not suit you, then you can repair it at another place.
Tim Sanych
Rental without a passport and money deposits. Honda Scoopy, Moove, Yamaha Filano.

Where to rent a bicycle

Bicycles for rent in Phangan can only be taken from Thai agencies.

Learn to drive a motorbike

Alex Kashtanov
I have been living in Asia for more than 5 years and I’ve been teaching how to drive for more than 3 years. There are many reviews of satisfied students on my Instagram. A 3-hour express course costs 1,500 baht, a 6-hour full course (2 lessons of 3 hours) — 3,000 baht.
Phangan Wheels
We start to drive on the trike (three-wheeled bike): it is easier to divide the driving and balancing. The advantage is that the client is not afraid to fall (a trike is like a trolley) and can focus his attention on brakes and gas. Then we switch the trike to the bike mode when it inclines. And we start working with balances. We learn how to drive in the stadium. 60 minutes — 700 baht.
Ivan Krasnov
Training how to drive a scooter in 2−3 lessons for beginners. I work with attention and focus. I’m experienced with identifying all kinds of beginners' mistakes, so I won’t let them make it. Training on my own bikes (Yamaha Nouvo, Honda PCX) or on your bike. Training starts from the moment you get on the bike. Gasoline is included. I don’t charge for small scratches. The cost of 1 hour is 800 baht. Full course — 3 days (three lessons). Training includes: theory, work with fears, the features of left-hand traffic in Thailand, the city, riding on hills, the principles of counter steering and counter displacement. Reviews on Instagram.

Where and how to refuel

You need to refuel with 91 or 95 gasoline. The difference between them is in the power. The higher the octane number the more performance you would get. Which one you need to use, depends on the bike.

Where to refuel:
  • Gas station. The best option. Price ~ 30 baht per liter.
  • Along the roads private traders sell 0.75 liter bottles for 40 baht. So a liter comes out ~ 53 baht.
  • Self-service stations. Red and green, located along the road, work around the clock. Price per liter is 50−55 baht.

Where to wash the motorbike

PTT gas station
There is a car wash at the large PTT gas station. Cost has to be checked there.
SHELL gas station
At the new SHELL gas station. 350 baht per pickup, 120 baht per bike.
Car wash in Tongsala
No name Thai car wash in the yard. With a lack of customers can be closed. The cost is a bit cheaper than at PTT.
Another one car wash in Tongsala
No name Thai car wash. The bike is washed for 100 baht.

Licence and fines

To drive you will need an international driver’s licence. Police will rarely stop you. But if you are stopped without a helmet they can check your license.

You can also officially pass the exam and get a 2-year Thai license. Instructions on how to get motorbike driving licence on Koh Samui.

  • Driving without a helmet — 500 baht. Moreover, the basic helmet is sold for 300 baht. You can buy a helmet at BigC, in Pakapao (a large selection) or at Lazada (from 300 baht).
  • Drunk driving — immediate arrest, trial, fine up to $ 300, prison, visa cancellation, forced deportation.
  • No local or international license with A category — 500 baht (police will issue a certificate that allows you to drive for 3 days).

If you need a bike repair

Depending on the situation you can chose to repair it by yourself or to agree with the owner on the price. But it is always better to contact the rental company first.

If the repair is simple, there are many Thai service garages along the road where you can change oil or a broken tire. If you need a more serious repair — contact here:

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