Sports in Koh Phangan

Where to do sports in Koh Phangan like volleyball, football, basketball, billiards, tennis, golf, shooting, going to the gym and other activities.

Football in Koh Phangan

There are a few football fields in Koh Phangan.
Field in Hinkong
Soccer field without grass, but with a goal and net.
Phangan Arena
A Russian-speaking team plays once a week in the Phangan Arena field.
Field in Thong Sala
There is also a nice field in Thong Sala — вот тут.
Field in Bantai
Field to play soccer without grass, but with a goal and net. There is also a basketball court.
Field in Sri Thanu
Field for soccer with grass.

Volleyball in Koh Phangan

There are a few playgrounds in Koh Phangan.
Playground in Haad Rin
Located on the main beach in Haad Rin at Tommy Resort.
Malibu Beach
There are often Russian-speaking men playing in Malibu Beach. There is a line and a net at a good height. Most play at average level.
Playground in Bantai
An area next to the Phangan Arena footballfield.
Near Police Station
A lawn with netting and grass located near the Police Station.
Thong Sala
There is a nice area with a net in the park in Thongsala next to the pier. Thai guys play foot volleyball here in the evenings.

Basketball in Koh Phangan

Near Police Station
The field is located in Thong Sala near the Police Station.
Field in Thong Sala
The field is located in the center.

Gyms in Koh Phangan

Podium Gym
The most famous hall at the beginning of Bantai. There you can practice fitness and training with weights. A single visit costs 300 baht, 10 visits for 1,500 baht. They have air conditioning.
Evolve Health Club
Fitness hall under a roof without air conditioning in Sri Thanu. They have a lot of equipment and everything that is necessary for basic training. Leg press, Smith equipment, bicycle, ellipsoid, a few treadmills, a good dumbbell row, there are jump ropes and other shells, punching bags. Cost: 150 baht per day, 500 baht per week, 1500 baht per month. All programs and prices are on their website.
The Press
Gym in Chaloklum. One training costs 200 baht.
Diamond Muay Thai
Possibility to train with a coach — weights, trx, exercises on the bike and others. The cost is 300 baht for one hour training. Description of programs and prices on the website.
Jungle Gym & EcoLodge
The resort and gym at Haad Rin. They have yoga classes and Thai boxing.
Phangan Muay Thai
Thong Sala open-air gym with fans. One lesson — 200 baht, one week — 600 baht.
Equipment at the pier
A lot of equipment for exercise can be found in the park in Thong Sala near the pier.

Thai boxing — Muay Thai

The average price for a workout is 300−400 baht, if you pay at once.
Diamond Muay Thai
Description of programs and prices are on the website. In addition to boxing, there is fitness and exercise equipment — weights, trx, an exercise bike and others.
Phangan Muay Thai
This is an open-air gym with fans located in Thong Sala. There is a boxing ring. Prices are available on the web site.
Jungle Gym & EcoLodge
Resort and lounge at Haad Rin. In addition to Thai boxing, there is yoga and exercise equipment available.
Muay Thai Chinnarach
Gym in Thong Sala. Price per two hours — 400 baht, 10 lessons — 3000 baht.

Other activities and games

Table tennis
At the Multi House cafe in Chaloklum they have a new table tennis table (since May 2020). They organise tournaments twice a week.

  • just to play — a deposit for food and drinks is 100 baht per person per hour.
  • training — you can reserve time, 200 baht an hour at the table or 300 baht deposit for food and drinks.
Archery and Crossbow
Archery and crossbow Club in Chaloklum.
Price for half an hour — 300 baht.
Crossbow and firearms shooting. Open 10.30 am — 6.30pm. Prices start from 1300 baht for 10 rounds of 9 mm to 8,000 baht for 10 rounds of 7.62 rifle.
To find a friend for a bicycle ride go to a chat on Telegram.
Padel tennis
Located in Chaloklum at Beach Villa Phangan, on Haad Khom Beach. Price — 250 baht/per person for 2 hours. Racket — 150 baht/per person for 2 hours. Night lighting — 100 baht/per person for 2 hours. Open from 9.30 am to 9 pm. The description and rules of the game are on the website. You can book by calling and asking for Alan.
Mini golf
Price is 120 baht, for children — 60 baht. There are 12 tracks available.
Foot golf
Phangan Football Golf Club in Bantai. Footgolf is golf played with a soccer ball. Each hole has its own name. Part of the holes are on the mountain, part on the slope. You have to do your best to win.
There are billiards in many cafes and bars in the island. The quality of billiard tables is not the best due to high humidity. Almost everywhere, the game is for free if you order food or drinks.

Exotic Pole Dance, Pole Dance, Stretching, Floorwork, High heels Dance. Individual classes or mini-groups of 2−3 people. Subscriptions from 4 to 10 lessons. Special prices for season tickets for girls when attending classes in the same group. Trial individual class for 500 baht. Subscriptions from 1600 baht. They are Russian speaking.
Aerial gymnastics
LABracadabra in Hinkong. Classes with yoga hammocks and hoops. Suitable for beginners. Private lessons with yoga hammock — 1000 thb (there is a Russian teacher), on the hoop — 500 thb (English only).
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