Taxi and delivery in Koh Phangan

There is no official taxi service in the island. Not even the usual Grab, Lyft, Uber and others services that some are familiar with in Asia, that you can call through the application. But there are Russian and Thai private companies. How to order a taxi and delivery in Koh Phangan?

Delivery in Koh Phangan

Food delivery from restaurants, groceries, fruit stands, medicines from pharmacies and other legal parcels is possible. Delivery is available until 11 pm.

It is possible to order food from any restaurant according to their menu, or from your memory. Usually on the page of the restaurant, they have their menu. Choose and order.

Motorbike taxi from a Russian service

Russian services are punctual. Taxis are available around the island, for pick-up from the pier, and for moving around. It is possible to travel with groups of up to three people. Also, they do delivery of food and medicine. Strictly until 11 pm.

How much does it cost? From Thong Sala to Bantai ~ 150 baht, to Chaloklum or Haad Rin ~ 250 baht. What does it look like? Как это выглядит?

Taxi (car) from a Russian service

Russian taxi car service around the island. They offer transfer from the pier to your house and can meet you with a sign at the pier. They can also assist you with moving. You can order a normal passenger car, and they also have a Toyota Hilux pickup truck and a minivan VW Caravelle.

Prices: from Thong Sala to Bantai, Sri Thanu, Chaloklum ~ 500 baht, to Haad Rin ~ 700 baht.

Taxi from a Thai service

Sometimes local Thai people offer a taxi service using their own cars. It’s recommended to contact them via WhatsApp. They will arrive to the location you send them.

  • Mr. Tom. Good English speaking. Nice and responsible person. WhatsApp.
  • Mrs. Saithong. She has a Toyota jeep. WhatsApp.


Songteo, the local version of the tuk-tuk, regularly found on all the main roads of the island. It is always possible to catch them on the way. Also, they wait near the main party places. Bars, beaches and piers.

How much does it cost? To get from Thong Sala to Baan Tai or Haad Rin — 150 baht per person, to all other places — 200 baht, to Thong Nai Pan — 300 baht. If you don’t want to wait until you find other passengers to fill up the songteo, you can also pay the price of 1,500 baht to pay for the whole Songtao. How does the songteo look?
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