Emergency help

Koh Phangan has a humid tropical climate. Any scratch heals much slower and can cause health complications. Where to go for medical help in Phangan? What to do if you fell off your bike, got a sunburn, were bitten by a dog or snake, or got stung by a scorpion or jellyfish?

Emergency calls

Ambulance and Rescue — 1554
Medical Emergency Call — 1669
Tourist Police - 1155. Google Maps.


There are many commercial pharmacies on Koh Phangan. The nearest one can be found on Google Maps using this link.

But there is also a budget pharmacy. Opening hours are from 5 pm to 9 pm, on weekends from 8 am to 9 pm. On the map (entrance is on the side of Bangkok Bank).

Medical insurance

I strongly recommend that you take a personal health insurance, before coming to Thailand, as medical expenses are pretty high. Calling an ambulance (without a doctor) — 2000 baht. Consultation with a therapist — 1200 baht. Ultrasound — 2000 baht. MRI — from $ 800. Two days in a hospital — $ 840. Leg surgery after falling off your bike starts at $ 7000. When buying a health insurance, make sure you choose one with minimum coverage of 100 thousand dollars.

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There is no gynecologist or obstetrician-gynecologist on Koh Phangan, the closest one is in Samui (e.g. dr. Rapheephan clinic). They perform all kinds of tests; such as smear tests, ultrasounds, determining the gender of your unborn child and giving detailed information on any issue.
Phangan Hospital
This is the cheapest hospital in Koh Phangan. The service level is average. They accept credit cards and the price for a membership card is 500 baht. The price for daily wound dressing for example starts at 500 baht, depending on the complexity.

They also have a women’s consultation center with nurses and general practitioners. They can help you giving birth, perform basic ultrasounds and simple tests, like a general blood test (CBC), urine analysis and testing for HIV.
Bangkok Hospital (Phangan International)
A clean hospital with good services. They have specialized doctors and general practitioners. They can take x-rays and they accept credit cards.

Есть комплексный чекап (checkup) — стоит 1900 бат. Включает в себя давление, ЭКГ, рентген легких, общий анализ крови, биохимический анализ крови, анализ мочи. Также включена беседа с терапевтом — на ней он смотрит и трактует вам результаты, без неё анализы не отдают, рентген присылают на электронную почту.
First Western Hospital
Probably the best hospital in the island. The staff is friendly and speaks good English. They have comfortable and clean rooms and offer decent food. They can take X-rays. The first appointment with a doctor is 600 baht.

For pregnant women: here you can do more complicated tests, they have own laboratory. You can give urine for bacterial inoculation, blood for hCG and screening for the 2nd trimester (alpha-protein + xg + estriol). But here it is called `quadruples test`, and if you ask for tests separately, they may not understand. Also in First Western if you are non-pregnant you can make a smear.
Doctor Worawut clinic
This is the private clinic of the head physician of Koh Phangan hospital. Locals usually go here, because it’s much cheaper than going to an official hospital. The doctor can assist you on almost any matter, including paediatric issues. He can do basic tests, prescribe and give you medication.

Working hours 7 am − 8 am, 12 pm − 13 pm, 5 pm − 8 pm on weekdays, 8 am − 8 pm on weekends.
Ocean Medical Clinic
Clinic in the Haad Rin area. Presumably expensive.
Bandon International Hospital
New hospital in Bantai. English speaking staff. There is an X-ray. You can also call a doctor to come to your home.
Surat Thani Hospital
The cheapest hospital. Located on the mainland in Surat Thani, it is significantly cheaper than Phangan Hospital.


Dr. Taeng Dental Home
Excellent dentistry in Bantai with good professionals, reasonable prices, there is an X-ray. The locals usually go there, so you may have to book an appointment in advance.
Phangan Dental Clinic
New clinic, new equipment (not Thai style) and good prices.
Dental Clinic
Nice clinic in Thong Sala. Only open on weekends (Sat-Sun) from 9 am to 7 pm.


  • Rinse the burn thoroughly with running water. Do not rub the skin, do not peel off the blistered skin.
  • It is recommended to take a cool shower (bath) 2−3 times a day. A wet towel will help to relieve the pain.
  • Apply anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic or moisturizing cream to the damaged areas. D-Panthenol Aloe Vera gel (blue tube).
  • Drink lots of fluids (2−3 liters). Water, coconut juice, green tea, alkaline mineral water, electrolytes (your lifesavers to restore the water balance).

  • Dexpanthenol-based medical products: D-Panthenol, Panthenol spray
  • Medical products based on Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera skin gel, Burnova gel, Aloe sun foam, Cetaphil daylong after sun repair lotion
  • Other medical products found in pharmacies in Thailand: Cool Aloe I.C.E. Lidocaine Gel, Methyluracil, Mebo ointment

Some of the above creams tighten your skin after one or even three applications. This is normal and is because your skin was dehydrated. Therefore use the gel, foam or lotion as many times as necessary on the first day.

Do not use fatty oils or alcohol. This will make it worse.

To prevent an allergic reaction (antihistamines):
  • Aerius, Loranox, Lordamin
  • Cetizin, Cetihis, Cetrizin, Zetrix, Zyrac
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Bosnum, Telfast Tofexo
  • Carinose, Halodin, Loranox и Lorsedin
  • Clemastine

If your body temperature and pain in your body increases, use one of the following:
  • paracetamol — Tylenol, Calpol, Denamol, Depyret, Decolgen, Sara, Paramed
  • ibuprofen — Ambufen, Brufen, Borafen, Bruno, Ibumax, Nurofen, Dologen, Ibumax, Ruprofen

Sand Fly

Good to know and remember: a sand fly is an insect and a sand flea is a crustacean (from the family of the crab). We are talking about the sand fly here, a fly that bites you on the beaches of the island.

The bites take a long time before they go away (from 1 to 3 weeks) due to the toxin introduced by the bug. Do not scratch the bite, because there is a chance it might get infected.
To reduce the itchiness you can apply White Tiger Balm, Fenistil or Systral cream on the bite, and Bethasone-N cream in case of inflammation, as it contains antibiotics.
In case of an allergic reaction, use antihistamines:
  • Aerius, Loranox, Lordamin
  • Cetizin, Cetihis, Cetrizin, Zetrix, Zyrac
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Bosnum, Telfast Tofexo
  • Carinose, Halodin, Loranox, and Lorsedin
  • Clemastine

Stepped on a sea urchin

Do not attempt to pull out the spines by yourself, as it has jagged edges. If the spines went deep enough and touched a joint or ligament, contact the hospital. If only soft tissues are affected, then do the following:

On the spot:
  • Disinfect the affected area with an alcohol solution. If you don’t have alcohol, use clean (bottled) water.
  • Poor lemon, lime juice or table vinegar (5−7%) over the affected area
  • Find and disinfect a pebble-stone or a piece of glass (from a bottle) without sharp edges. Hit it right on the wound to break the needles. This procedure is painful and not the most pleasant, but if you do it, the likelihood of inflammation decreases.
  • Rub the area again with lime. This helps to dissolve the remaining needles.

At home:
  • Place the affected area in water as hot as you can tolerate. For about 30 minutes.
  • Treat the wound with an antiseptic: miramistinone, chlorhexidine, furacilin, iodine or hydrogen peroxide. In pharmacies in Thailand you can find: Betadine, Povadine, Hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic powder Pises Powder. In 7/11, you can also buy Prickly Heat antiseptic powder.

Dog bite

There is rabies in Thailand. Health risks are not worth it. In case of a bite, seek medical help. But first, treat the wound yourself as soon as possible.

  • Rinse the wound with running water
  • Apply chlorhexidine, miramistin or Hydrogen peroxide abundantly to the bite area 
  • Treat the edges (!!!) of the wound with iodine — Betadine, Povadine.
  • Bandage with a sterile bandage, or apply a sterile dressing patch — Tigerplast steril.

Then go to one of the hospitals on the island.

Snake bite

What to do if you got bitten by a snake?

Firstly, do not try to suck out the poison out of the wound by yourself.

Try to take a picture of the snake. If this is not possible, try to remember the length, color and shape of the head (and if possible other details). This will help you find the right antidote in the hospital later.

First steps you can do on site:

Try not to panic and move as little as possible. And especially don’t drink alcohol — this will accelerate the spread of the poison.
Remove all jewelry near the wound, because if it starts swelling, it will be impossible to do this.
Apply chlorhexidine, miramistin or Hydrogen peroxide to the area of the bite 

Then quickly go to one of the hospitals on the island.

A snake crawled into your house

How to know if a snake is dangerous? What matters is the length of the snake. This is the distance they are able to jump or throw themselves at you. It is always better not to take the risks and stay as far away as possible.

Do not make any sudden movements or try to scare her. Don’t turn your back. Step away slowly and smoothly, backwards or to the side.

If you see a snake very close to you — don’t move and freeze! In most cases, they will go away by themselves. If they do attack, we refer to the paragraph above (Snake Bite).

Where to call: Reptile Rescue, phone +66 80 046−84−57. Facebook.

Bike accident

You can treat small injuries like scratches and abrasions yourself. In case of more severe injury, go immediately to the hospital.
Important! If you drive without a helmet, don’t have an international drivers license or there is alcohol found in your blood, the insurance will not cover your treatment. You will have to pay for it yourself.

Here are some prices for reference:
  • Cleaning and bandaging — 1,000 baht
  • First visit from 1,500 (simple injuries) to 8,000 baht (injections, snapshots, morphine).
  • Getting stitches in the foot 8,000 baht.
  • Complicated fracture — 70,000 baht.
  • Rinse the wound with running water
  • Apply chlorhexidine, miramistin, or Hydrogen peroxide generously
  • Treat the edges and the wound itself with iodine — Betadine, Povadine
  • Sprinkle Banocin powder or Pises Powder antiseptic on the wound. You can also buy Prickly Heat powder in 7/11.
  • Bandage with a sterile bandage

Due to high humidity, wounds take much longer to heal than in dry climate. Therefore, proceed further as follows:

  • Do not wet or rinse the wound (except for the initial treatment).
  • The first few days treat the wound as described above. Banocin Powder will dry the wound. A protective crust will form.
  • While at home (preferably in air conditioned rooms), remove the bandage. This will speed healing. When going out, be sure to use a bandage.
  • If the wound festers, does not heal for a long time, or the area of ​​inflammation increases — go to the hospital.

Scorpion stung

It hurts a lot but in most cases a scorpion stung is not life threatening. Scorpion venom found in Thailand doesn’t do much harm to healthy adults. Swelling, numbness and tingling will stop by itself within 24 hours.

If a scorpion stings a child, an elderly person or an allergic person, you must immediately consult a doctor. Complications are possible for people with a weak immune system.

Before going to the hospital:
  • Wash the wound with soapy water.
  • Apply a cold compress for 10 minutes to reduce the pain. You can also use ice packs.
  • Disinfect damaged skin with alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide
  • Apply a sterile bandage to the wound

Jellyfish stung

The bad news is that Chironex fleckeri, the most poisonous jellyfish on the planet, lives in the Gulf of Thailand. It causes paralysis and cardiac arrest. And although it rarely approaches the coast, don’t take any risk and go to the hospital if you get stung.

Before that, treat the burn yourself as soon as possible:
  • Rinse the affected area thoroughly with hot water. In 90% of cases, it will relieve inflammation and reduce pain. If possible, immerse the affected body part for 10 minutes in a container with liquid — with an ideal temperature of 50 °C.
  • Remove micro tentacles that remain in the skin with tweezers, cotton pad or a towel. You can use everything at hand, even a credit card. The main thing is not to touch them with your bare hands.
  • Treat the wound with acid, like vinegar or lemon juice. This will help remove the poison from the skin.
  • Drink as much water as possible to remove toxic substances from the body.

To eliminate an allergic reaction like swelling and itching, use antihistamines such as:
  • Aerius, Loranox, Lordamin
  • Cetizin, Cetihis, Cetrizin, Zetrix, Zyrac
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Bosnum, Telfast Tofexo
  • Carinose, Halodin, Loranox и Lorsedin
  • Clemastine

Don’t apply a bandage on the damaged area of ​​the skin and don’t rub the burn, as stinging cells might secrete poison.

Dengue fever

The only way to get dengue fever, is if you get bitten by the ‘Aedes aegypti mosquito'. This mosquito is mainly active during the day. You can recognize her by her black body with white stripes. She is also called ‘tiger mosquito'. Infection is characterized by flu-like symptoms that occur 4 to 7 days after a bite:

  • complete breakdown, dizziness and nausea
  • muscle pain, pain in the bones and knee joint
  • chills and high temperature up to 39 — 40 °C (by the end of the 3rd day the temperature decreases, after 1−3 days it rises again, and then after 2−3 days it decreases again)
  • lack of appetite
  • insomnia
  • swelling and redness of the face and eyes
  • throat redness
  • increased heart rate at the beginning of the disease (after 2−3 days, it decreases significantly)
  • itchy rash

There is no specific treatment for this disease. Usually doctors recommend to stay in bed and rest, drink more water, and take paracetamol to relieve symptoms. (You can not take aspirin or ibuprofen as these are blood-thinning.)
In general the body copes with this disease for 7−10 days.

In very rare cases (1−2%), the infection can progress to a severe stage, which leads to death. Therefore, if you have the symptoms listed above, visit your doctor. He will conduct a blood test and, if necessary, you will be hospitalized.

Helpful information

Crutches can be borrowed for free at the Lekshop Organic store. There you can also donate any canes or crutches, as this is a charity project! Open from 11 am to 7 pm. On the map. Facebook.

Если у вас реально экстренный случай, за который не берется госпиталь, либо у вас нет страховки — на острове есть русскоязычный врач Алексей Кириченко. Может помочь в экстренной ситуации, например при травмах, укусах и т. д. Человек с большим опытом, но без официального диплома врача. 500 бат за выезд. Facebook. Телефон +66 892 180 200.
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