Tourist Visas for Thailand

Citizens from Russia and Ukraine can receive a free 30-day visa upon arrival to Thailand.
Citizens from Kazakhstan can purchase a 15-day visa upon arrival for 2000 baht.
Citizens of Belarus do not have the opportunity to receive a visa upon arrival and should apply for one before coming to Thailand.

It is possible to stay in Thailand with a tourist visa for 180 days in a timeframe of 12 months. If you want to stay longer, you should look at other types of visas.

Important notice. When receiving the visa stamp in your passport, check and make sure it is the right one. There were some cases in which people got a stamp for only 30 or 14 days.

How to extend a visa

If you entered Thailand with a 30-day visa, you can renew it at the Samui immigration office.
  • For citizens from the Russian Federation: it can be renewed there once for 7 days — 1900 baht.
  • For European and Ukrainian citizens: it is possible to extend for 30 days (1900 baht), and then another additional 7 days (another 1900 baht).

If you come into Thailand with a tourist visa (2 + 1) — it can be renewed once for 30 days at the immigration office in Samui for the cost of 1900 baht.

What to bring when renewing your visa:
  • two passport photos 3.5×4.5 (possible to take there, 100 baht)
  • Copy of the passport (possible to get there, 20 baht)
  • TM6 form (possible to download and prepare upfront)
  • The address of your hotel or home in Thailand
  • 1,900 baht in cash

The whole process takes about 1.5−2 hours. The opening hours and location of the immigration office can be found on Google Maps.

You can’t renew your visa earlier than 2 weeks before the expiry date. The visa will be extended from the date your visa expires, not from the date you go to get the renewal. That’s why you can go for an extension before the last day of the visa.
Life hack! If you don’t want to waste time by going to Koh Samui to extend your visa, you can use the services of the KPT language school in Phangan. Go there and give them the same set of documents for renewal found above. The process takes about 15 minutes. At a cost of 1900 bath for renewal plus 1100 baht for the service. School on Google Maps.

What happens if you overstay

If you stay longer in Thailand than the end date of your visa says (can be found on the stamp in your passport), you will have to pay a fine at the border. It’s 500 baht per day of overstay.

Sometimes, when the police checks your documents and they see you overstayed at least one day, the sanctions can be very strict: a fine, go to jail, go to court or a forced deportation and no re-entry in the country for 5- years. Nowadays they are generally more strict with overstays

Spend five minutes reading the story of Nicholas. He has a business and his own company in Thailand. He went to renew his visa one day too late.

So prepare the documents and go to get a new stamp or visa.

Border run (getting a new stamp)

If you want to stay another 30 days — go for a new stamp.

Border Run is when you leave the country in any way (plane, train, bus) to another country, spend the day there (usually one night) and return to Thailand. Upon arrival at the border you get another 30-day stamp.

At the border, they may ask for a full package of documents. Sometimes they do not ask for any of them. It depends on the officer’s mood and how lucky you are but it’s better to prepare all the documents in advance.
*you will need to check the details for the passport you will use when entering Thailand.

Tickets for a Border Run can be bought both by yourself (it's cheaper) or with a travel agency. For example, mySamui, Sabai Sabai, or Mr. Kim.

It’s possible to get two stamps. The third — it depends on the officer — it’s possible they will not give a third stamp. Then turn around and go back to get a visa.
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Visa Run (getting a new visa)

Visa Run is a trip to get a 3-month tourist visa for Thailand. A visa has to be made in another country. It is impossible to get a visa without leaving Thailand (an exception is a student visa).

In whichever way (plane, train, bus, car, bike, hitchhiking) you go to another country. There you must find and go to the Thai Embassy and apply for a visa. The next day, you get a passport with a visa for 3 months and go back to Thailand.

At the border, they make a stamp in your passport for 2 months. Upon expiration — you have to extend it in Samui for another month for 1900 baht. This kind of visa is often called "2 + 1".

Where to get a visa?

To get a Thai visa they usually go to neighboring countries — Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Bali. In any country which has Embassy of Thailand.

If you are traveling by land — the closest country is Malaysia. If you go by airplane — choose the direction that you like and the cost of tickets which is best for you. It is also nice to use the trip for a visa check to see new places. For example, waiting for a visa in Cambodia, you can see the largest temple in the world, Angkor Wat.

Penang (Malaysia)

  • You can buy all paid trip. Budget 7500 baht + documents.
  • You can buy all tickets at any agency. For example, Sabai Sabai or Mr. Kim. The total budget for one person will be ~ 5500 baht.
  • Or you can save a little if you buy not a complex ticket (1,450 baht one way), but go by yourself (770 baht: bus to HatYai, bus to Pedang Bezar, train to Buttersworth, ferry to Penang).

Penang is beautiful. All document have to be prepared (ticket + accommodation + statement). Check out the full report in details about Penang Visa run. If you would like to do it on your own for a visa run — read here.

Kota Bharu (Malaysia)

Budget per one person — from 2800 baht. Much less comfortable than for you to go to Penang, as you spend two nights on the bus. And there’s absolutely nothing to do in Kota Bgaru. Read the report in detail about how to get a visa in Kota Bharu.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

To get there is so easy. You can go by train from the border, or by plane. It is very beautiful there. There are some special rules there in the embassy. You need to do an online pre registration to submit and receive documents. A set of documents requested is as usual.

Vientiane (Laos)

Suitable for those who get refused in Malaysia. Documents (according to information for 2018) are not needed, just a passport and photos needed. A report in details about Vientiane is here (February 2018). Starting from 2019, to submit and receive documents, you need to do an online pre registration on the website of the Embassy.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali

In any other country, you do act in the same way. you go to the Embassy, submit documents, enjoy the beautiful places. After 1−2−3 days, you get a passport with a visa and return to Thailand.
Visa run in Penang (Malaysia). Life hacks, the easiest way of getting a visa and how you can save money
Many photos and graffiti with cats
Visa run to Kota Bharu (Malaysia). Life hacks, the easiest way of getting visa and how you can save your money

Documents for visa to Thailand

Depending on country you selected the package of documents also changes. From " you do not need anything" (in Laos) to "complete full set". In Malaysia — this is where we go from Phangan more than often — we need all the documents from this list:

  • copy of passport
  • two color photos 3.5×4.5
  • bank statement with transactions
  • plane ticket back to homecountry
  • reference of residence in Thailand

A copy of your passport possible to make at Greencom for 5 baht. Photos — in Kodak Express for 150 baht 6 pieces.

A full package of documents can either be prepared by your own. Or contact here, and you will get full pack of documents for the visa.

Visa for a child

A child needs exactly the same tourist visa as an adult. The difference only is that children under the age of 14 do not pay fines for overstays, and sanctions do not apply to them. Even with an overstay of 900 days (3 years).

  • If you are traveling for a new visa without a child — no big problem. You will have a new visa, and he will have an overstay.
  • If you take a child with you, then you have to do exactly the same visa for him as you make for yourself. If the parent has a visa, but the child does not, then they can cancel the visa for parents or expand it and send you back to get the visa for the child.
Documents for a child’s visa

You need the same set of documents as for an adult: application form, photos, airline ticket, hotel reservation. Any reference from the bank for the child usually they not asked — will be enough one reference from parents. But from child will require a birth certificate + notarized translated into English.

There are no discounts for children. The consular fee is the same with adults — 1900 baht.

Other types of visas for Thailand

If you want to live in Thailand for more than 6 months in a year, have a look at other types of visas. A single student visa for 6, 9 or 12 months allows you to not only live, but also learn English or Thai without leaving the country.

If this is not enough, have look at long-term visas (elite). With them you can visit Thailand and live here without any limits for the entire duration of the visa — up to 20 years. And if you want to work here, you need a business visa.
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