Thailand Online Shopping Guide: The Best Websites for General Shopping

In recent years, major shopping malls and small local businesses have switched to online channels, making it possible to buy from anywhere and receive nationwide delivery in Thailand.

Thailand is now Southeast Asia's second-largest B2C e-commerce market, following Indonesia. People who live in rural areas of the country, where options are typically limited, stand to gain the most from this development. Cosmetics, food and beverages, apparel, and DIY items are all in high demand as a result.

You can now shop more selectively thanks to Thailand's development, and online shopping is simple and convenient. In addition, westerners who are currently residing in another country now have access to a new set of online shops from which they can purchase items that they might have missed while living in Asia.
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The following is a list of trustworthy and easy-to-use online stores from which you can purchase items that you might not be able to find in stores. The country is served by these online shopping portals, which are also the easiest to use and, most importantly, accessible in English.

I can attest to the platforms' reliability and effectiveness. In addition, they offer a wide range of products, including English books, household goods, and high-quality sports equipment and clothing. You'll quickly understand why these websites are Thailand's most popular eCommerce marketplaces and how they rose to prominence in the market.


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The Alibaba Group, a multinational corporation, is in charge of Lazada, which is one of the largest online marketplaces in Southeast Asia. ( The marketplace was established in 2012 by Rocket Internet, which was later acquired by Alibaba.) It wants to become the Amazon of the region.

It provides a seller site on which tens of thousands of Thai businesses advertise their products. Lazada also sells a wide range of products directly from their warehouses in Bangkok. Lazada has one of the largest product selections and is known for its innovative cross-border shipping options.
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Products ranging from electronics, fashion, homeware, children's health and beauty, automobiles, sports, and travel, to name a few, are available here. Highlight reels and sales have changed frequently, and you can search by category or brand.

They allow you to pay with cash on delivery, credit or debit card, Paypal, over-the-counter ATM, online banking, LINE, and K-Bank installments, as well as 100% buyer protection. Additionally, they offer three shipping alternatives: standard, economy, and express

Lazada has sophisticated return procedures that allow items to circulate for up to two weeks before being returned, and the prices are reasonable. Lazada, in contrast to Shopee, charges a commission on international sales that ranges from one percent to four percent, depending on the products. Commissions of up to 5% can be earned by selling on LazMall.
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The primary benefits of shopping on this website are as follows:

  • It is the most well-known and well-liked online shopping platform in Thailand.
  • There are more than one thousand different categories for shopping.
  • It is the largest online retailer with the highest quality products.
  • Lazada is where thousands of Thai businesses sell their goods, allowing for better pricing competition and product availability.
  • You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, JCB, and cash on delivery (COD).
  • Support is provided for English and Thai.
  • They offer same-day delivery and speedy shipping to the Bangkok Metropolitan Area.
  • Next-day or two-day delivery is available to Samut Prakan, Mueang Nonthaburi, Udon Thani, Chon Buri, and Nakhon Ratchasima, among other Thai cities.
  • Free shipping is sometimes offered, but it's not often. However, courier shipping is relatively inexpensive.

There is only one drawback. Sadly, the website only delivers to Thailand-based addresses; Shipping to other countries or the world is not available from the Lazada store.


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Shopee has the most monthly users of any eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. The low cost of the marketplace's delivery options has increased its popularity since its creation in 2015. Shopee's other advantages include numerous discounts and free shipping throughout Thailand. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Shopee has developed into a significant platform and is in direct competition with rivals like Lazada and Amazon by offering these benefits.

Shopee is available in the following nations:

  • Singapore's (
  • Malaysia's (
  • Thailand's (
  • Vietnam's (
  • Indonesia's (
  • The Philippines' (
  • Taiwan's (
  • South Korea's (
  • and soon Brazil's

JD Central

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JD Central is a joint venture between Central Group and Jingdong that runs a With a market capitalization of more than $500 million, JD Central is unquestionably one of the most influential eCommerce players.

It has numerous campaigns and excellent shipping services that have earned it a lot of attention. Therefore, if you are considering selling in Thailand, investigate this expanding market.

Products like clothing, food and beverages, home and DIY items, health and supplement products, and more are available for purchase at JD Central.


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Kaidee is a local eCommerce platform where you can buy everything from smartphones to homes, vehicles, used cars, fashion, and clothing to IT products. Unfortunately, you are unable to sell internationally through the website, which is only accessible in Thailand.


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Alibaba's massive consumer retail subsidiary AliExpress competes with, if not surpasses, Lazada and Amazon in terms of product variety and supplier count. The product categories include electronics, watches, home and garden, sports and the outdoors, vehicle and home upgrades, fashion, health and beauty, and children.

Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Maestro, WebMoney, and bank transfer are available as payment options for regular sales and promotions. They also offer international shipping, an app, a 24/7 support center for all buyers, and complete buyer protection.

They have a global site in English that is pre-directed to ship to Thailand in addition to a Thai-specific site. Therefore, AliExpress is a beautiful place to begin if you are hoping for the closest thing to an "Amazon Replacement," as are many expats. It offers numerous products.

King Power

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King Power is the largest duty-free retailer in the world. It has locations at the Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi international airports in Bangkok. Both duty-free and non-duty-free items can be purchased through their online shopping portal; Items that are not duty-free can be delivered to your home, but you must pick up items that are duty-free at the airport before you leave Thailand.

They have a section called "Daily Offers" and frequently offer big discounts when you spend a certain amount of money online. You can also shop by brand, category, and whether or not you want duty-free items.

They are considering including AliPay and Paypal in the future in addition to Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay.


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Ubuy is not your typical online store. Instead, it offers a wide range of products to its customers that are easy to find and arrive quickly. With Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as payment options, the Kuwait-based company serves customers in more than 180 nations around the world.

WeMall's itruemart

Despite having a slightly smaller product selection than some of its rivals, WeMall's itruemart is a significant and influential online retailer. However, the electronics, home appliances, beauty & wellness, and "Mom & kids" sections of its website feature some excellent deals.

Installments, credit cards, Wallet by TrueMoney, cash on delivery, and cash available at the register are all options for making a payment. They also provide free shipping and a brand-guaranteed 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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One of Thailand's largest department store chains, Central has one of the country's largest and most popular online shopping portals that is both comprehensive and easy to use. There are buying categories like fashion, beauty, tools, pets, homeware, sports, hobbies, presents, books, office supplies, toys, electronics, and even an online supermarket. You can search by category or brand, and you can find exclusive online items like Marks & Spencer London and Sanrio products.

They make it easy to pay by using the Paysbuy system, the SCB Payment Gateway, credit or debit cards, or cash on delivery. Additionally, they provide click-and-collect services for customers who prefer to pick up their orders as well as nationwide delivery.

We Love Shopping

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We Love Shopping has captivated online shoppers for more than ten years with its extensive product selection of more than two million items. It attracts more than 800,000 customers to over 40,000 retail establishments. It is a reliable service that offers a payment method that guarantees that every dollar spent will either get you a specific product or a full refund. As a result, every purchase is made with trust. In addition, they promise prompt product delivery.

Shopping from anywhere and at any time is simple. convenient with a variety of shopping options to suit your needs, whether you prefer to shop in person, over the phone, on Facebook, or on the computer. Want to keep up with the hottest fashion trends, chic beauty products, and fascinating gadgets but don't want to go out? If so, this website is for you.


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With more than ten years of experience, Tarad is a leading Thai e-commerce site. It even sells a wide range of used items.


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Chillindo is a platform for online auctions that is a lot of fun! There are thousands of auctions from which to choose, so you can bid on anything you want. The starting bid for each auction is always one Thai baht! You'll need to win a lot of auctions to make your cart. When you're done, go through all of your favorite items. Their prompt delivery will undoubtedly make you smile to seal the deal.

You can choose how much you are willing to spend by competing with other users to find the best deal. Obviously, you might get outbid at times, but if you keep looking, you'll find great offers that only Chillindo has.

Chilindo's user-friendly user interface makes shopping safe, enjoyable, and simple. Additionally, once you receive your item, they offer a 30-day return policy. You can buy clothes, shoes, and other accessories with confidence because they all offer a 30-day return policy. All items must be returned in the same condition they were received in. You will receive a full refund, minus the cost of returning the item.

They provide three methods of payment: Cash-on-delivery, credit card, and bank wire

Asia Books

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This last platform is a bonus because it is not "general shopping".

Thailand's most well-known English-language bookstore is Asia Books. For a reasonable price, they offer a wide selection of English-language books for adults and children. In addition, it offers a wide selection of bilingual children's books in Thai and English that are ideal for families of Thai or other nationalities who want to read to their children.