Panoramic views of Koh Phangan

On Koh Phangan you can find a huge number of sunsets and sunrises to enjoy every day. There are many panoramic sites on the island that compete with each other for spectacular views, but thanks to this you can always enjoy these beauties up close.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Panoramic view from Khao Ra

Khao Ra is a mountain that stands in the very center of Koh Phangan and is also considered to be the highest point on the island. If you want to hike and climb to the top of the mountain, it can be quite difficult, for this reason we recommend you to use the services of a guide, who will cost you about 500 Baht, but he will accompany you during the entire hike. In such an area it is quite difficult to navigate, while the guide is committed to ensuring that you have a safe time, as well as an informative tour, telling the story of all the sights during the trip. We strongly recommend that you bring as much water as possible and wear appropriate footwear, as flip-flops can cause a lot of discomfort during the journey.

Here you can watch the delightful picture of the sun rising and setting. Sunrise starts at about 6:30 am, so if you want to enjoy this moment, you will need to wake up early. But it will be worth it, trust us! From here you will have a panoramic view which is great for beginner photographers with their phones as well as for seasoned photographers with professional equipment.

Paeng Falls (Domsila)

Domsila offers us breathtaking panoramic views over Koh Phangan and Samui. It is not the most crowded place on the island, so you can enjoy the beauty alone. Climbing to the top will be quite time consuming, so it is a great place to relax on and off.

Not far from the waterfall is Domsila, which also has unforgettable views. It will take you only 15 minutes to get to Domsila.

After you pass the first staircase, you will get to the forest path, where the area is limited by ropes that will not let you get lost. You can always pay attention to the signs to know the right way. The unforgettable reward of beautiful scenery awaits you when you have traveled all the way.

Panoramic Views from Tong Nai Pan

Your attention is given to stunning views of Tong Nai Ban Bay and its adjacent beaches - Tong Nai Pan Yai and Tong Nai Pan Noi. Aside from that, there are not many tourists in this location, so quite often these sceneries are just for you to enjoy. Also here is a bar 2Cbar, where you can linger and enjoy food and drinks.

Provided you get past the village of Tong Nai Pan, you will see that the road is interrupted at a steep climb up the mountain. You can keep driving until you reach a private area. This is where you should leave your scooter and begin to admire the beautiful views of the bay.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Panoramic views from Bottle Beach

One of the best views on the island is the observation deck at Bottle Beach! From the very top of the cliff, you can enjoy the beauty of Bottle Beach Bay as well as the green forests of the island.

We strongly recommend replacing flip-flops with more appropriate footwear and following all safety rules! There is no safety hike to the top of the cliff, but the scenery is well worth it. You can also hike a bit through the jungle on the east side of the beach to Bottle Beach Viewpoint, where the spectacular Haad Rin Trail begins.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Panoramic views from Apichada

You can enjoy unforgettable views from the Bar. This bar is quite famous, but in spite of that there are still not many people here. From here you can see both Koh Phangan and Samui.

If you want to get to Haad Rin, you have to drive from Thong Sal and take the big right turn.

Not far away, on the same road, you can see a sign showing the way to "Apichada Villa".

You need to make a right turn and keep driving. On the left hand you will find a small hill.
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Panoramic views from the Chinese Temple

The Chinese Temple will give you the opportunity to enjoy Chaloklum Bay and the mountains that are nearby, including Khao Ra with its stunning historical merits.

Not far from Paeng Falls is the temple, between Thong Sala and Chaloklum. The Chinese temple is to the left of the mountain and is hard not to see.

The sign of the Chinese temple is called by its true name "Goddess of Mercy Shrine Joss House".
Правила движения на тайских дорогах

Panoramic Views from Haad Son

Honestly, this place is quite hard to find but it does offer some special views. The endless sea, the small bay of Haad Son with the clearest water, and the most beautiful sunset on Koh Raham. The views here are really special, so you won't regret it if you stay here.

Haad Son, also known as Secret Beach, is located on the west coast of Koh Phangan. If you move uninterruptedly along the coast, you will definitely pass the bay. After passing Hotel just before the sea, you must stop at the map of Koh Phangan. There you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.