The best guide at a Full Moon party!

The Full Moon party, which the Island of Phangan is famous for, began its modest existence more than thirty years ago! In the 1980s, Haad Rin Beach was noted as the most beautiful and mysterious place to watch the full moon, and therefore this beach is a party venue Over the years, the party grew and gained popularity. Now about thirty thousand people come to the island every month to have fun and relax

A lot has changed over the years. The Full Moon party has turned from a place that can only be reached by boat with only about 50-100 people each month, to one of the most visited places where you can get to by convenient transport.

If you are going to attend this event, then our guide, in which we have collected EVERYTHING you need, is for you!

Wear Shoes

Our most important tip to survive this night is to put on shoes. The beach is littered with broken glass and other kinds of debris that can injure your feet. Put on your shoes and be careful

Take a Taxi

Take care of how you will get to the place of celebration. Find out at your hotel about the availability of a taxi or connect with a group to take a taxi to an event together. This will be the cheapest and not only the most fun way to get, but also the safest one!

Find a meetup point

In advance, before the event, determine the meeting place with friends or family if you suddenly separate from each other. It can be a bar or another easily recognizable place

Take the cash you need

Before you go, think about how much cash you'll need for the event: entrance fee, taxi fare (there and back!), drinks, neon paint. Tot it all up and bring that much with you.

You'd better leave your passport, credit card and any valuables and important things at home cause you can loose them while having fun.

Drink plenty of water

Get rid of your hangover! Drink lots and lots of water during the night. The infamous drinks for the full moon contain a huge amount of alcohol, and together with a warm climate, this can lead to a deterioration in health the next day... but if you drink a lot of water throughout the day, these consequences can be avoided. While you're at the party, be sure to keep an eye on your friends and even strangers around you. There is a "sleeping" area on the beach, and the island's Red Cross team is there to take care of people amid all this madness, so be sure that there really are people around who look after you and others and provide a little space to relax if you need it

Some tips after party

Go for a swim

A good way to get rid of a hangover is to swim a little. Enjoy the pool of your resort or take advantage of the amazing nature of Phangan and plunge into the sea. A little gentle exercise will make you feel alive again.


There are several good saunas of different types on the island of Phangan It will be hot there, but your body will sweat, removing all toxins This will help you recover

Just enjoy

Enjoy your resort, lie on a chaise lounge, swim in the pool and the sea, walk, read a book and just spend time with your loved ones. Make the most of having a day just doing nothing.

Hug a puppy or get some love

If you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself then hug a puppy, or any friendly animal in fact.They'll give you some love.

And finally, carry on the party!

You can always continue to party on the island of Phangan, there you can always have fun. The island is very busy for a few days before and after the Full Moon, so another thing that is very important is traffic and your safety. Our best advice is to take a taxi, this is the safest way to get to the place If you still want to rent a scooter to explore the island outside of parties, then please just be careful with other drivers, wear a helmet!

If you need any help or advice for your full moon party on the island, then we have many articles that will help you here on our website