Real Estate Guide for Koh Phangan

The demand for real estate in Koh Phangan is thriving, making it the ideal time to buy property on the island. Both private and commercial buyers are investing in properties and enjoying high rental returns, often in double figures. Options range from luxury villas with ocean views to multiple-bedroom homes with private pools, resorts, and homes for sale with private gardens. Whether you're looking for a relaxing retreat, a rental property, or a long-term family home, Koh Phangan has the perfect location for you.

Life on Surat Thani, Koh Phangan

Living in Koh Phangan offers a sense of freedom and a more relaxed lifestyle. The warm climate and stunning environment encourage outdoor activities, away from congested cities and cramped offices. You'll enjoy beautiful roads lined with coconut groves, unspoiled jungles, and sea views, as well as meeting tourists and friendly locals from around the world. The cost of living, including real estate, is more affordable than in many other parts of the world.

Property Investment Potential

Koh Phangan has great potential as a tropical island destination for mid- and upper-market travelers, as well as for long-term residents. The island's sustainability and pristine tropical environment attract both repeat and new visitors, cementing its reputation as a unique and desirable location.

Buying Beautiful Property and Acquiring a Land Title

In Thailand, to buy a house, one must use a property lawyer to navigate Thai property law, which can be complicated and unregulated. When it comes to real estate transactions in Thailand, the main focus is the land and house. However, foreign ownership of land is restricted under the Land Code of Thailand with exceptions.

Two ways for foreigners to buy a house on Koh Phangan are:

  1. Leasehold - Foreigners can enter into a 30-year lease contract with the option to renew or extend twice. This protects the foreigner as an owner for a period of 90 years. However, they will not own the property after the contract ends.

  2. Limited Liability Company - Creating a limited liability company in Thailand with a maximum of 49% foreign ownership is a costlier option. The company's freehold land is registered under the company's name, with the international managing director having full control of the land.

The leasehold option is more stress-free, due to lesser fees and legal aid. Koh Phangan's real estate market has grown in popularity with more tourists and investors. Before buying, one should consider hiring experienced lawyers and estate agents, researching regulations, determining their needs, checking internet organizations and asking friends for help. Building one's own house is also a cost-effective option with control over design and materials, and a good investment as property prices will rise.

Land Zoning Koh Phangan

The map displays different building regulations and limitations represented by various colors. The yellow symbol indicates a commercial district, while the green symbol represents a residential area consisting of homes and villas.

The initial 12 kilometers of the shoreline belong to the Kingdom and are open for public access to the beach. The maximum size of a building is 1000 square meters and the maximum height is 12 meters.

Using Property Agents

Choosing a reliable real estate agent is crucial when searching for property for sale in Koh Phangan, even more so than in a buyer's home country. The real estate industry in Thailand and Phangan may be unfamiliar, making it harder to navigate market prices and locations. Additionally, legal knowledge of acquiring real estate in Thailand may be limited compared to the buyer's home country. Take your time to find the best real estate agent. Opt for a well-established and impartial agent, not tied to any particular development.


When buying real estate, you are making both a lifestyle and investment choice. Many overlook this fact and are swayed by the sun, sea, and sand, leading them to purchase a property without fully considering its location. It's wise to consider resale potential and choose a property with access to all parts of the island, tourist hotspots, and ample amenities. Although, some of the most picturesque locations can be found in the outskirts of the island. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each location before making a decision. Take into account your lifestyle preferences when choosing your property or land. Different areas have different vibes and features. Popular towns with real estate options include Haad Yao, Haad Salad, Haad Salad Bay, Mae Haad Bay, Haad Khom, Haad Tien, Thong Sala, Ban Tai, Sritanu, and Haad Rin.

Haad Rin

Known for its monthly party scene, Haad Rin also offers a peaceful living experience for ex-pats in the nearby hills.

Thong Nai Pan and East Coast

The East Coast is the quietest and least populated part of Koh Phangan, with stunning views both along the coast and inland.

Thong Sala and Baan Tai on West Coast

Thong Sala, Koh Phangan's main hub, has become a lively area with a mix of Western and local bars and restaurants that are open day and night. Baan Tai is the main party destination, hosting events such as Jungle Experience, Waterfall Party, Half Moon, and Loi Lay Floating Bar. If you're looking for nightlife, this is the place to be.

Chaloklum and Northern Coast

Chaloklum is the island's main diving center, known for its numerous dive shops. The village of Chaloklum is a warm and friendly community that integrates well with the Thai people in the area.

Sri Thanu, Hin Kong on West Coast and North West

Sri Thanu is known for its yoga and spiritual colleges and exudes a calm atmosphere. Hin Kong, along the coastline, offers stunning ocean views to Samui and some of the best sunset spots on the island.

Property Type

If you want a ready-to-live-in property, consider its features such as number of bedrooms, pool, living space, modern amenities, road access, garden view, etc. You can also opt for managed villas or furnished houses, which offer rental and maintenance services. If you want to build your own property, you'll need to hire an architect with a strong portfolio who can fulfill your design requirements. The level of involvement in the design process is up to you, but the quality of construction and materials is excellent and reasonably priced. You can choose from a wide range of properties on Koh Phangan to fit your lifestyle, whether it's a luxurious villa, a modest house, or a bungalow in a bohemian village. Options include a tropical garden, secure compound, sea-view villa, and more.


Koh Phangan is a great place to reside and invest in. It offers the perfect location for a second home, rental property, or even a permanent relocation for you and your family. With numerous agents to assist with the legal aspects, and top-notch architects and construction companies, the island retains its charming character while providing a comfortable standard of living and maximizing your investment.