Travel Insurance on Koh Phangan - Good Advice from Bandung Hospital

People are all over the place when it comes to buying or not buying travel insurance. Some say don't bother, some are insistent, but who should you listen to? So we, in cooperation with Bandung Hospital, are here to tell you why you should buy travel insurance.

No matter how healthy you are and how risk-free you are, you could get a fever or be involved in an accident that you did not cause, which could put you out of action.

So we spoke with Mr. Bee of Bandung Hospital, which handles insurance.

Why is travel insurance so important?

That's a good question; people tend to think that leaving your home country for a week or two is not a problem if you are physically fit, but when you are away from home, weather conditions can change, accidents can happen, and hospital bills are not cheap.

If you have insurance, it will cover you, so there is no need to spend money on hospitals.

Some people may become seriously ill and have to return home to evacuate, but if you have insurance, they can arrange for you to return home. It is difficult without insurance, so be sure to get it before you leave for Thailand.

Worst case scenario, what happens if I don't have insurance?

Without insurance, all we can do is provide the initial treatment. We ask the patient what they want to do, and if the cost is low enough, we will send them to a government hospital, if not, we will contact their family or embassy to help them.

It's very important to get insurance before you come.

Have you ever encountered a terrible case?

We had a patient in Koh Samui who couldn't remember anything and didn't know anyone. We had to contact Tourist Assistance who would give her the proper treatment and help her get home if necessary. While waiting to get the tickets, she suddenly remembered everything and that she owned a boat here and had lots of money, so it all ended up being easy in the end, but we were concerned!

Do travelers need to consider different types of insurance?

You should purchase travel insurance that covers you from the time you leave the country until you return home.

Also, make sure that activities such as biking and jet skiing are covered.

The hospital staff wants you to have a safe and healthy trip. Nothing may go wrong, but just in case, having travel insurance will help you enjoy your wonderful stay on Koh Phangan!

About Insurance

Travel insurance is important for your vacation in Thailand. In the unlikely event that something unfortunate should happen, it could cover you for expensive medical expenses. Without it, your dream trip could turn into a nightmare. And if you think missing a doctor's bill is an option, think again. You can purchase travel insurance for a few extra dollars a day to ensure peace of mind during your vacation in Thailand. After all, if you can afford to travel to Thailand, you can buy travel insurance. In some cases, it is mandatory to purchase insurance, so please check with your embassy.

Recommended travel insurance companies

Panganist recommends Safetwing's travel insurance. It is an easy solution to common problems.

- You can purchase it even if your trip has already started.

- Insurance is automatically extended every 28 days from the start date and you can choose the end date. It is like a subscription.

- If you stay abroad for 90 days and something happens to you during your stay, you maintain medical coverage in your home country for 30 days.