The best beef burgers on Koh Phangan

A tender juicy burger with fresh vegetables and a bun is one of the most popular dishes on the planet. Fortunately, it is not difficult even on the tropical islands of Thailand to find a place where this delicacy is prepared. No matter how delicious Thai cuisine is, sometimes we want something familiar and proven!

To be honest, it is impossible to make a list of the best burgers, because everyone has certain taste preferences. Despite this, we have compiled a list of some burgers we liked with an explanation of what they might be interested in

Why burgers?

Burgers can usually be found in any price range, they come in different types and sizes. Any filling and additives are offered to choose from, everyone can choose what he really likes. That's why burgers are so popular. In addition, they are hearty and delicious. What could be better?


One of our favorite dishes: Burger with blue cheese

On what occasion? A casual diner-style dinner alone or with loved ones, a quick snack

Why we like to eat here: Conveniently located in Baan Tai, this means that wherever you are on the island, you will get to this place quickly. In addition, they are open until late in the evening, throughout the day you can enjoy this wonderful dish

Food: Portions are generous here, so come hungry. 150 g of local beer pate, bacon, fried onions, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise and the most important ingredient is blue cheese, which makes the burger unique. Here you can also order any salad, French fries with cheese and complement it all with a delicious thick milkshake!


One of our favorites: Sunny Side Burger with French fries

On what occasion? Perfect for breakfast, snack

Why we like to eat here: Firstly, a content-rich social network, employees actively demonstrate their dishes on their website. This is a huge plus for tourists who are unfamiliar with the island and do not want to spend a lot of time looking for a good snack. Located in the epicenter of restaurants in Soi Krungtai. Visiting A's Famous restaurant gives you a nostalgic feeling, like when visiting a deli in New York or Cape Town. Almost all ingredients are natural and are prepared independently - from buns to free sauces. The staff is always happy to see customers and does everything to make you feel comfortable. It's also a great place to drink coffee and watch people.

Food: 100% beef burger with fried egg, melted cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, crispy onions, lettuce leaves and tomatoes on a homemade soft brioche bun combined with GIANT coconut ice cream or Energizer juice, beetroot, carrot, pineapple and mint. The diner offers a huge selection of desserts for every taste.


One of our favorites: Beef Charolais burger with goat cheese

On what occasion? The diner is ideal for family dinners, dates, special celebrations.

Why we like to eat here: in a cozy corner of the Seetanu Bungalow, right next to the beach. The perfect combination of privacy and comfort

Food: A huge and varied menu, you will want to try literally everything, so be careful and rational with money. Continuing the theme of burgers, Charolais beef is in great demand and appreciated by connoisseurs for its taste and tenderness. It includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sprinkled with goat cheese, combined with a tall glass of wine. All together and you're in paradise!

One of our favorite dishes: Uncle Sam's Burger

On what occasion? Honestly, it's hard to say. They are open around the clock. There is also live music, and broadcast of sports matches, billiards competitions are held right next door. This is a place where you can have fun and relax at any time and on any occasion

Why we like to eat here: American-style burgers are served here, grilled chicken fried on fire, there is also Thai and Indian cuisine. A calm atmosphere, a pleasant interior - all this makes the place unique.

Dishes: Minced Wagyu beef, brioche bun, double cheddar, bacon with streaks and homemade sauce "Thousand Islands". Wagyu beef in this burger will completely satisfy your taste buds with all kinds of flavors. Here you can also order fries with a golden crust and a mug of icy refreshing beer!

INFINITY BEACH CLUB (Selection of burgers and cold drinks)

One of our favorite dishes: Trio Burger

On what occasion? Hot summer days, a day of lazy relaxation, a day of hangover on the beach

Why we like to eat here: Located on a quiet Baan Kai Beach, this is the perfect place to relax on king-size couches, cool off in the pool and enjoy the view of the beach

Food: If you still decide to order a burger, we recommend the trio burger dish, which includes a delicious beef burger, a juicy pork burger and a fragrant chicken burger on one dish. In addition, you can order any refreshing drink and salad


One of our favorite dishes: Mexican

On what occasion? Family gatherings, first date, meeting with friends

Why we like to eat here: The clean, modern and spacious design of SOHOs will make you feel like in an open-air bar on the roof of Bangkok

Dish: Chicken Peri Peri with roasted peppers, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese and jalapeno served with French fries, onion rings, coleslaw and pickles on a stunning metal platter - next to their famous sauce stand. The bar has a huge variety of drinks and cocktails. Soho Bar is famous for its refreshing beer


One of our favorite dishes: Burger with bacon, mushrooms and cheese

On what occasion? Open-air dinner, relaxing gatherings, pub atmosphere

Why we like to eat here: Located near Tongsala, next to the Muay Thai gyms, this is a lovely English-style pub with an open-air garden with plenty of space for children. The pub is similar to English, but with a more pleasant climate and a beach. Perfect.

Food: The pub offers a large number of different burgers with different fillings at an reasonable price


One of our favorite dishes: Veggie burger with beans

On what occasion? Sunday brunch, snack with friends, dinner after a hard day

Why we like to eat here: Located opposite Chaloklum Pier in a pretty country shop where friendly locals spend their day both here and outside. It also serves one of the best coffees on the island. A great source of energy before going to the beach!

Food: Their veggie burger with beans is completely unique and full of flavor, we also combine a burger with a cocktail of passion fruit and coconut and to top it off with one of the great desserts. One of the great features of The World's End is the openness and flexibility in customizing dishes according to your preferences. It's like eating in your own paradise home!

VINTAGE BURGERS (выбор местных жителей)

One of our favorite dishes: Cheese burgers + French fries

On what occasion? Cozy gatherings and socializing with friends

Why do we like to have lunch here: This cozy and charming cafe is located in the center of the charming Soi Krungtai district, not far from the Pantype Night market, which makes it easy to get to this place. There are always a lot of visitors here, so you can easily find new friends here

Food: Fresh ingredients combined with the careful preparation of each grilled beef patty combined with a pleasant atmosphere, music and friendly staff make the place magical and unforgettable


One of our favorite dishes: Cheeseburger

On what occasion? First date, get-togethers with family and friends

Why we like to eat here: PhanganKove is a wonderful place where you can dance on the beach. There are large portions and friendly staff

Food: Big and juicy burgers "bear" with cheese, lots of fresh ingredients, delicious bread and lots of French fries on the side, which are well served. Lots of desserts and cocktails

More great burgers on Koh Phangan can be found at:

Lexy Pancakes

Don't let the name fool you, Lexy is famous for her burgers and she is also super sweet!


Crave offers a large number of delicious burgers, snacks and side dishes, as well as beverages. Simple and nice!

Outlaws Saloon

Well-known for its meat, you can get a great burger here at this American style establishment.

Milky Bay

Dining on the beach in Baan Tai with a wide selection of food including burgers of course! Offers a lot of different thick milkshakes


Here, in the Gulf of Thailand, there is a popular good place where you will find burgers for every taste and with any filling. A pleasant atmosphere and live music will make your evening incredible

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