Rent a house in Koh Phangan

It is possible to rent a house on Koh Phangan by yourself, or with the help of realtors. If you want to save money and do the search by yourself — read how to rent a house in Phangan without a realtor. But, be ready for difficult situations and unfair rules.

You can use the services of realtors who have a lot of work experience. The average commission for budget houses is from 2000−4000 baht. For middle range price and expensive villas — 7−25% of the cost for one or two months.

Our team is ready to find a house for you. From budget houses to luxury villas. Commission is from 3,500 baht for budget houses, from 7% for villas.
To confirm the booking realtors will take 50% of prepay. Prepayment goes to the house (villa, resort) owner and is not refundable. Carefully calculate your date of arriving to Thailand. Especially if you are abroad now.
Facilities and comfort
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