What can you do while it's raining?

We've got the best ideas for staying dry and having a great time while it's raining.
It's up to you to discover a completely different world in front of you... a world that's full of boredom.

You should not ride a bike, because it is much better to rent a car. Under the roof of a car you have much more possibilities!

You can try out all the massage places that are sure to please you during this period - which will be a big plus for you when the rain is over - you no longer have to try your luck at a massage, breaking your legs - which makes you very uncomfortable - all thanks to the fact that while it rains, you found the best places for yourself. You've used your time to your advantage to choose what you deserve!

In your hands lie opportunities to learn about popular, historic Muay Thai boxing. After you sign up for your first training session, you'll know if you like it! That way you're sure to spend time with new experiences and emotions for yourself, and no rain can spoil anything.

And what if it's time to take a break from endless partying and travel? You can try a 7-day retreat to finally reboot yourself and find peace of mind!

Have you ever had to do yoga before? Luckily, only a few people are doing it because it's chilly right now... - perfect for two! This kind of pastime will not leave anyone indifferent!

Now you can regularly go to restaurants and experience home-cooked meals from restaurant to restaurant, and you can gain weight to the point where the fat layer will keep you warm at all hours of the day and night! Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages here as well as everywhere else, but above all, keep yourself warm at night.
Our movie theater is at your service!
Правила движения на тайских дорогах
The owners of the cinema have created this place with love, care and taste. 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, from 4 pm, you can watch movies in an atmospheric theater on a huge screen.

Have you ever been to a waterfall while it's raining? This is the only place to see that the rain only adorns real waterfalls, not the other way around.

How would you feel about getting a new tattoo before you get home?

Unique bamboo tattoos or the most beautiful tattoos, made by a machine surely will not leave any lover of such an art unsatisfied.

Not a few inhabitants refer themselves to the world family. As soon as their shoes touched the ground, they started dancing and continue to this day! In order to get rid of the weary blisters, the dancers take a light break, which is necessary for the upcoming season. -There's no way this will stop dancing completely-this family lives the dance, and it's definitely worth it! Of course, not with the same frequency as during the hot season. So, you'll have to settle for dancers performing in the rain, there are no other options!

Or maybe read the book you wanted to read but never finished?

Or the scenery you've been missing on the balcony?

How about the thoughts you've been chasing away and putting off until later? - It's just that you've always been too busy to move on to them...
Meditation...did you do it in the sunlight?

Maybe you had a desire to learn how to paint?

Everything is in your hands, as long as you have enough time to make any idea and dream come true.

If you start learning Thai language, you will surely learn more about the local culture and be able to integrate into it.
You used to be able to sew very pretty clothes - can you do that now?

The heat creates the most unsuitable conditions for baking goodies, but making them while it's raining is cool!
You used to have no desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to stew in the heat, but now is the best time for the Thai school of cooking.

There are teas that are great in the hot season, and now it's worth finally trying the kind of tea suitable for the cooler weather - it's time to experiment. Its taste is hard to describe in words. Have you had a chance to experience the local coffee shops yet?
Another advantage of the rain: herbal saunas, bringing a sea of pleasure and warmth. Such a sauna is just great after riding a bike in cool weather or after high humidity in the house - it is an opportunity to warm the whole body and soul with soap made from herbs, salts - and after that you can stand in the rain, replacing the unpleasant cold shower! Herbal sauna treatments will make you feel so good that the emotions will rush over you. Secretly, one time will definitely not be enough, you will need to repeat such a procedure.

Of course, if you still want to sit at home, the perfect option would be to do something as simple as watching a movie or TV series, or a heartfelt conversation with close friends.
Make the most of the rain, and most importantly, remember that when the sun comes back, you'll be more than happy for it than ever before.

We wish you the best time in the rain!!!
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